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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Watching Scissor Sisters on Saturday Night Liive (December 11)

Watching Scissor Sisters on SNL

Take your Mama Out All Night and show her what it all about”

-Scissor Sisters.

On Saturday December 11th, I will out most of the night with the mama of the song’s co author.

Scissor Sisters will be appearing on Saturday Night Live and I will be watching with the parents of Babydaddy, one of the founders of the band.

Earlier this year, I wrote a column about my longtime friendship with the parents of Scott “Babydaddy” Hoffman of Lexington and how Scott’s band had become one of the hottest acts in England.

It’s been a tremendous year for the group. They are a huge hit in Europe and it seems like they are connecting with every star in rock history. They opened for Elton John and co wrote and recorded a song with Australian superstar Kylie Minogue that will be on her greatest hits album.

Even though they are multi platinum in England, Saturday Night Live will be the event that introduces them to a wide American audience.

Each generation has a television show that launches recording artists to the big time. The Ed Sullivan show made Elvis and the Beatles famous and Dick Clark launched a lot of careers with American Bandstand. For over 27 years, Saturday Night Live has been the modern ticket making acts famous.

I never missed SNL in its early years and it was impossible not be up on the latest host or musical guest. It is still the same for younger people today. With so many television channels and information channels, SNL is on the few ways that a band can become known overnight. It is a huge break.

It is a huge break that I bought my tickets to their Lexington show the second they came online. They are coming to Lexington on December 16, just five days after the SNL appearance. They are playing at the Dane, a downtown Lexington club.

After the band is on Saturday Night Live, two things will happen. I will never again get to see them in a small club and that I will never again see them for $13.50 a ticket.

I’ve been able to see U2, Jackson Browne, Exile, Lee Ann Womack, and Bruce Springsteen in small venues as their careers were taking off. I later saw those performers in large arenas and stadiums. Although I was thrilled they had become so popular, I never enjoyed the big concerts as much as the smaller ones.

I am 25 years older than when I saw U2 and Springsteen, which means I will be about 25 years older than almost everyone at the Scissor Sisters concert. People will think my wife is another teenager but there is nothing you can do to hide me. I’m fat, bald with glasses.

I keep thinking that I am hip but the music I know is categorized as “classic rock” or “oldies”. I feel like the title of a Jethro Tull Album, “Too Old to Rock and Roll, Too Young to Die.”

Too old or not, I’ll be right up front for Scissor Sisters. Even if I did not have the personal connection, I would still go. I am hooked on their music.

The group is known for their energetic shows that interact with the audience. If I faint or get trampled, it is good to that Babydaddy’s Daddy is my doctor and will be close by to help me.

Actually, I may have to wait until the band takes a break. He is a very proud father and will have his eyes glued to the stage.

Journalists dream of watching history being made and it is a tremendous opportunity to be with Scott’s parents with Saturday Night Live airs. It will be like sitting with Elvis’s parents or the Beatles families when Ed Sullivan was airing.

It will be an exciting and historic moment. Since the television show does not end until one .a.m., I really will be taking Babydaddy’s mama out all night or most of it.

Watch the show, and let me know what you think. If I get enough support, I could run for president of the middle age, fat guys section of their fan club.

Don McNay is President of McNay Settlement Group where we want make sure our clients get first crack at the remaining Scissor Sisters tickets. You can write to him at or read other things he has written at