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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

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Larry Forgy, You're No Gatewood Galbreath

By Mark Nickolas on Partisan Politics

Don McNay pens a wonderfully amusing op-ed in the Richmond Register comparing the parallel political lives of Larry Forgy and Gatewood Galbreath. I'll take Gatewood any day.

The whole piece is worth a read, but here's one amusing excerpt:

Forgy plays an important role in the Republican Party. He is their clown prince and perennial candidate, like Gatewood Galbreath is for the Democrats.

I will argue that Gatewood has had a better political career.

Compare Forgy to Gatewood.

In 1983, Gatewood ran for commissioner of agriculture and lost. Forgy thought about running for governor, but didn't.

Gatewood ran. Forgy didn't. Score that for Gatewood.

In 1987, Forgy started to run for governor and suddenly quit. He got over what caused him to quit by 1991 and lost the primary. He lost again in 1995.

Gatewood also ran for governor three times. He didn't win, but never dropped out. He ran for Congress and lost, too.

You have to give Gatewood the edge on persistence.

In 2000, Forgy ran for the Kentucky Supreme Court. With George W. Bush leading the ticket, a Republican such as Forgy should have walked into it. Instead, he was completely humiliated.

To top it off, his sister ran for Congress. She lost, too.

I've voted for Gatewood several times. Like the majority of Kentuckians, I have never voted for Forgy.

Forgy finally quit running for office, but Gatewood kept plugging away. Gatewood never wins, but he doesn't go around whining about it either.

Forgy lashes out at everybody and everything. He is really sad. He's worked for so many law firms that they ought to issue him office space by the hour.