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Friday, October 29, 2004

Springsteen for President

I was watching Bruce Springsteen on television at a Kerry rally and realized that he would make a better candidate than Kerry. He is a northeast liberal but can connect to a strong blue collar following.

Kerry has had a small "gender gap" in his campaign as women favor him over men but Springsteen's core audience has always been guys about my age. Meaning middle age white guys.

I've been to about 10 Springsteen concerts (all before 1986) and few people can move a crowd the way he can.

I was watching him introduce Kerry tonight playing an acoustic version of "The Promised Land" and it was a moment that had to stir the crowd.

If I were on the Kerry campaign, I would have The Boss do a big concert in New Jersey on Monday for the campaign. That would end any doubts about the Garden State going for Bush.

I've held back the temptation to use Springsteen lyrics in my column every week (I used Atlantic City in a column I really liked) but he is the poet of my generation.

Not sure he could win but movie actors have done well in politics. Rock stars could be next. I would rather have him that Courtney Love.