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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Scoops in this week's blog

Lets make it easy to find the hot news:

1. Go to the right and check out the posts on Classic Rock and Roll.

I don't think I have seen anything about the Scissors Sisters appearance on Saturday Night Live on December 11 or that they will be playing in Lexington on December 16. I already got my tickets (which are only $13 each) but I would move quick if you plan on going. Once they are on SNL (I am betting the appear live without a lip sync) the small venue concerts will sell out in no time.

2. On the Commenting on Kentucky sector (yes, I stole this title from the show of my jouranalism mentor and hero, Al Smith) go towards the bottom. I think a couple of items to chew on are:

A. The Catholic Issue, or lack thereof, in this years US Senate race. Both of the candidates are Roman Catholics but it has never been a factor.

B. More of a Madison County story is the amount of money each candidate for the 81st district State Representative's race has taken in and where some of each candidate's money came from. Although I saw in the report that Chuck Luke received $1000 donation from EKU Board Chair, Fred Rice and a smaller donation from State Rep Lonnie Napier (who had supported Moberly at a fundraiser the same week as the donation) I failed to mention (I am still learning how to blog) that other board members like former EKU Chair James T. Gilbert and Regent Gary Abney donated to Moberly. Moberly received money from a number of political leaders in the county.

C. The link to a story about math wizards predicting the presidential race (I have going to guy from Princeton University's site every day) is a good one. Valuable in these last few days before the election.

D. I think the information about how the tax laws changed for attorney fees (business) is a great one for trial lawyers. I have been trying to post it for two days to the Kentucky Academcy of Trial Attorneys list serve (I am not an attorney but an associate member of that group) but it won't take my posts. Hope a trial lawyer or two stumbles onto my BLOG.

E. In Business, the investigation into the insurance industry by the New York Attorney General will be a huge story in the upcoming year. Check out the Business Week story on the subject as they did their homework.