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Friday, August 26, 2005 article from Don McNay

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Parents wonder where their money went

01:44 PM EDT on Friday, August 26, 2005

Nine thousand parents in Kentucky still want to know where the money they paid into the state's prepaid tuition program KAPT has gone.

Members of the program met Thursday morning to discuss their next course of action. The program's budget has been cut by $13 million.

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State lawmakers are promising parents will not lose their money. The program was supposed to guarantee parents that their children will get a higher education at today's rate.

"All the college rates are going up and takes a lot of money to get them through and they don't know how much will be left by the time she gets there," says KAPT participant Libby Pollack. "That's what I'm distressed about."

Right now, no one else can enroll in KAPT, but that could change.

Kentucky's attorney general filed a lawsuit against the finance committee after the funds were removed from the program.

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