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Monday, October 18, 2004

Introduction to my Blog

I now have a a blog. Although I am a little nervous about the thought of "All Don, all the time," like a radio station that plays Elvis records 24 hours a day, when I started writing my newspaper column I have discovered three things.

1. I only get one 750 word column a week and often have ideas that don't fit in the space.

2. I need to write about things that are of interest to a general readership. Although the paper has been wonderful about letting me write what I feel like writing about I will get into subjects on the blog that I may leave off in the newspaper.

A word about the newspaper. I need to make it clear that I am not an employee of the paper. I submit my columns to the business page and they publish it, just like they would a syndicated columnist or other contributor. However, they are not responsible for my content. Since they can't fire me from a job I don't actually have, they really don't want people to think I am on the payroll.

I'm happy they allow my column to run in their paper and they are happy that I don't really care if I make any money at it.

3. My columns are very personal and people have responded. My regular readers feel like they know me and I have gotten to know many of them. I think the blog is a way for all of us to communicate. I often wish that some of the people writing to me could write my other readers. This is a way to make some of that possible. I can put out ideas and see what people think.

Note that I stay busy doing structured settlements and other things and I may not post every single day. I will make it a regular habit and get on as often as I can.

The four categories I want to stay in for the time being are:

1. This week's column. If you want to check it out, go to but I am always interested in people's response. If you like it, that is good. If you hate it, don't feel like you need to spare my feelings. The only way I get better is via constructive criticism.

2. Commenting on Kentucky. Anything that is going on in Kentucky is fair game. This can be politics, sports, business or whatever.

3. Business and personal finance. That is what I have done for the past 20 years and where I can offer some guidance and expertise.

4. "Classic" rock and roll. This means music that middle age men who think they are hip listen to. I use music lyrics as part of my column and found that it connects with a lot of people. Also, the songs get stuck in my head for weeks. I'm still walking around singing "Living on a Prayer" even though I wrote the column with that title about a month ago.